When LOUD Goes Dark

When LOUD Goes Dark

If you have been with LOUD for any amount of time then you know we are a very small company and when something happens in our personal lives, the brand kind of goes dark for a minute. It's what I absolutely LOVE about owning a small business. In the end, it's just products but family comes FIRST. 

So I just wanted to take a moment to update you, that I am currently in California dealing with some hard family stuff and so posting on socials as my "happy-self"  is just not authentic right now, which is why we have been mostly dark for a minute.

BUT I wanted to let you know I am ok.... LOUD is ok....Cassi is ok.... life is just "life-ing" right now. We will be back soon and will be launching our newest Spring collection, just a little later than originally planned. 

In the meantime, Cassi has pulled out some LOUD Rejects available on the site for anyone who wants a one-of-a-kind LOUD lacquer that isn't sold to the wider public. She also has a few LOUD Limited customs that are sold out on the site and only available to The List HERE

Thanks as always for your support. It's times like these I always feel the love of our community and appreciate that we have built something far more important than just another brand, but an army of BABBS. 

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