The LOUD Lounge

custom nail polish

Immerse yourself in the magical world of nail polish creation as you mix and match different colors and textures to develop the perfect shade that reflects your personal style and individuality. Choose from over 30 different glitters, shimmers and pigments, the possibilities are truly endless. 


Step One

From creme to holo to shimmer or glitter. Start with your desired finish and build from there.


Step Two

On a sports team and want a color to match your jersey? Gift for bridesmaids to match their dresses? Love purple? Pick it!

Make sure to hit "ok" on the bottom right or it won't save your fabulous shade.


Step Three

Have inspiration? Upload it! We can't promise we will be able to match it perfectly but we can get pretty close and inspo photos definitely help.


Step Four

If its a gift, name it after the person you are giving it to or an inside joke. If its for yourself, name it after yourself or alliteration or puns are always a hit. EX: Pretty Pink or I'm So Punny

Crave Chaos?

Want something complicated and totally unique? LOUD is always happy to deliver chaos 😎

In order to make sure we understand exactly what you want, our mixologist will work with you directly for tweaks and direction.