The Aquabats x LOUD

The Aquabats x LOUD

The Aquabats! was formed in 1994 in Orange County, CA as a way to have some harmless fun in a music scene that took itself too seriously. LOUD was created in 2019 in Orange County, CA as a way to have some harmless fun in the luxury beauty scene that took itself too seriously. Moral of the story is... this collab is Super Rad! But how did it come to be you ask? Oh well let me tell you Aquacadets and Babbs.

Last Summer Melody, the founder of LOUD, decided to do a collection inspired by the music that made her who she is today, a bit LOUD and crazy... but fun. One of the shades in that collection was a blue shimmer that she had to name Aquabats, duh. Almost 9 months later, the Aquabats saw that a nail polish was named after them and they shared it to all of their fans and the response was amazing.
Apparently when you create a brand based on your own passions, its easier to find people who share those same passions. The OG shade of The Aquabats has since sold out on the LOUD site but you can still purchase it through The Aquabats site 
Aquabats - LOUD

So when The Aquabats expressed interest in doing an official collab, it was a no brainer!! The process of picking the shades and the names was as fun as you would expect from a beloved band who cherishes their fans, and this fan just happened to own a nail polish company... and thus, The Aquabats x LOUD Super Rad collection was born.

Melody is the youngest of three and was introduced to the crazy fun vibes of the The Aquabats back in 2000 by her older brother David who was introduced to them by the oldest sibling Nate. And now, Melody's son who is 7, thinks they are Super Rad too. Not many bands can bond a family at a Pool Party the way they can! 

Now some might expect a collection that is a little more off-the-wall, due to our crazy fun vibes, and don't you worry a glow in the dark Martian Girl green is in the works, but we couldn't launch a collab with The Aquabats without the iconic color pallet that IS The Aquabats. And Lil Bat Black is the matte black you NEED to easily throw on before every show. 

Melody's brother David, who introduced her to The Aquabats, recently passed away and so getting to be immersed in their new album has been special in more ways then they could even imagine. David was a shining light in this world and since he is gone, the world could certainly use more Anti-negativity.

And lastly, could we do a collection without our favorite super villian Powered Milk? OH NO! This matte white is just too good.


Please let us know in the comments below how you first found The Aquabats and what your favorite song is. We love hearing everyone's story. 

It's not everyday we get to work on projects that are a true passion piece the way this one was. And the support from The Aquabats, and all of you, for our small business means the world to us. 

The Aquabats x LOUD launches 7/12 while supplies last or in person at their shows while supplies last. 


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Top Cat’s in Ohio 11/1996. I went to see Reel Big Fish and fell in love with some bats!
Can The Aquabats even make a bad song? No, the answer is no!
Fav song is Marshmallow Man.


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