Nail Polish Magic: Different Finishes Explained

Nail Polish Magic: Different Finishes Explained

Alright, Babbs, whether you’re feeling a jelly vibe or craving a clean crème look, there’s a polish for that.  But hold up—what's the tea on the different types of polishes and toppers? Buckle up, because we’re diving in now!

Toppers: The Dazzling Overachievers

Toppers are like the glittery cherry on top of your nail game. Made in a clear base, they’re packed with shimmers, glitters, or flakies—sometimes all three! They add a unique touch to any polish. The best part? You can layer these babies over any color for instant glam. Or get fancy and pair them with a jelly polish for a layered look that’s all kinds of extra.

Show and Tell and Add to Cart 😜

**Wynette** (Glitter shards over bare nails): Sparkle city!

Wynette - LOUD

**Ice Queen** (Shimmer topper over Go To): Shine on!
Ice Queen - LOUD


**Lace Glove** (Splatter glitter over Acid Wash): Nail Art in a Bottle!
Lace Glove

moving on...

Shimmers: Subtle and Sassy

Shimmer polishes are the low-key divas of the nail world. Made with mica glitters, they give you that glossy, almost-hidden sparkle. Perfect for when you want to shine without stealing the whole show.

Let me see before I and add to cart 😜

**Unschooling** (Cream Shimmer): Soft and glossy.

Unschooling - LOUD


**Shitters Full** (duo-chrome): Reflect two colors for when you’re feeling fancy.

Shltter's Full - LOUD

**Antidote** (Mirror-like): For that metallic magic.

Antidote - LOUD


moving on...

Glitters: Pizzaz or Go Home

When you need your nails to be the life of the party, glitter is your go-to. Bigger than shimmer but smaller than flakes, glitter polishes make your nails glint, shine, and sparkle. They’re available in every color under the sun and can be worn sheer or mixed with colors.

Glitter let me peep so I can add to my cart

**He’s a Dweeb** (Fine glitter in a creme base): Glittery goodness.

He's A Dweeb - LOUD

**Tati** (Specs of glitter in a jelly base): Glitter with a red twist.

Tati - LOUD

moving on...

 Jelly: The Juicy Favorites

Jelly polishes are sheer, buildable, and totally juicy. Perfect for layering, they let you create dreamy gradients or colorful concoctions. Feeling fancy? Try a “jelly sandwich” with layers of jelly polish and toppers.

**Kapowski** (Bright salmon jelly): Juicy perfection.

Kapowski - LOUD
**Suspish and Where She At** (jelly then topper then jelly): = jelly sandwich! 
Where She At? - LOUD


moving on...

Neons: Stand Out, Shine Bright 

Neon polishes are like highlighters for your nails. They’re bright, bold, and UV reactive, perfect for dark environments or a night out.

Show and Tell and Add to Cart 😜

**Beam**  (Neon green): with a shimmer that won’t quit. 

Beam - LOUD
**There She Go** (neon orange jelly) Bright and beautiful.
There She Go - LOUD


moving on...

Crelly: The Best of Both Worlds 

Crelly polishes are like jellies but with more pigment and a crème finish. They can be sheer or opaque and often come with glitter or flakes for that extra pop. Ideal for special occasions or to just be super unique.

**Squirrel** (purple crelly with mixed glitters): The cool girl on the block
moving on...

Crème: Classic and Chic

Crème polishes are the OGs of the nail world. No shimmer, no glitter, just pure color. They offer full coverage in 1-2 coats and can be layered with toppers for that nail art in a bottle, easy look. 

**Lawn Flamingo** (Bright salmon creme): is here to party.
Lawn Flamingo - LOUD
**Whoberry Pie** (Rich berry creme): one of my all time favorites.
Whoberry Pie - LOUD

moving on...

Holographic: For the Reflective Queens

Holographic polishes are the magicians of the nail world. Linear holos reflect color in a smooth stream, while scattered holos give you a sporadic, rainbow effect.

**Amy** (linear holo): pure unadulterated perfection.
Amy - LOUD
**Rhiannon** (scattered holo): the holo cannot be contained.  
Rhiannon - LOUD


moving on...

Matte: Understated Elegance

Matte polishes are for those days when you want to keep it subtle yet stylish. They have no shine and offer a smooth, flat finish. We love using a matte top coat to give any polish a chic matte look.

and finally...

Which Polish is Your Perfect Match?

With so many options, your nails are your oyster. Whether you want a simple, everyday look or something that screams “look at me,” we have the polish to nail it. Our go-to? Pairing a fab topper with a self-leveling crème for a mani that’s anything but basic.

Remember, your at-home mani doesn't have to be boring. Stay LOUD and let your nails do the talking.

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