6 Signs You Might Have ADHD

6 Signs You Might Have ADHD

Think you might have ADHD? I mean, we do. But no, it is not just getting distracted or being hyper. There is so much more that is involved with having ADHD so let's get into it. And please comment below if we missed anything. Having an open conversation about mental health and ways of managing it is so important. 

1. You chase dopamine

There are many many things I will do for a CRUMB of Dopamine. Dopamine is a chemical your brain produces that generally gives you a sense of accomplishment or celebration when you complete a simple task or achieve a goal. Unfortunately in most neurodivergent people, our brains process the chemical differently. Following the Dopamine is essentially just giving yourself permission to do what makes you happy. Decorate your house with loud colors. Get that iced coffee every morning. Make a Target run for absolutely nothing but the joy of it. Take a drive and listen to your fav music at TOP VOLUME, so loud you feel it in your chest. Paint your nails a different color every day. 💅

Follow The Dopamine (pictured and linked below)- A minty neon pastel with shimmer. 

2. You get hyper-focused

This is quite possibly my strongest and weakest quality. Hyperfocus can help me do literally anything.

  • Fix my car? ✔
  • Appliances? ✔
  • Read a 900 page book in a day? ✔
  • Create a spreadsheet of data in an organized fashion that should take a full team hours to do? ✔
  • Be completely unable to switch tasks even though there is other work needing done??? 
  • Overthink things that should be simple? (Cassi wrote this list but I am finishing the blog because she will over think it. And I LOVE jumping into work that is already created and edit it because I over think the start of things. We are an ADHD match made in heaven.... unless we disagree and then we fight on IG Live)

Hyperfocus (pictured and linked below) is a neon green pastel with a color shifting shimmer. 


3. You have all the tabs open

You know how your phone or computer get super slow when you leave too many tabs running? It's because theres not enough RAM to support the processes. Well my brain is a lot like that. Too many tabs, too many thoughts, too many things to do all the time. And when I am not hyper-focused I jump from one task to another and each task is often in a different tab. Gotta go here for this but first this needs to happen for that to work. Basically.

Too Many Tabs (pictured and linked below) is a bit of an everything polish. It's a neon pastel purple crelly with a neon hex glitter mix 💙🩷💛💚 with a little added spice in the form of holo micro hexes.


4.  ADHD meds do not make you strung out

Yeah, most of us have tried that little blue pill that a friend had. But what might be a good time for others just makes people who actually have ADHD function pretty "normal".

I had always wondered why I couldn't "adult" like other people. Why can't I keep up with housework, remember to pay my bills on time, and why do i have 5 of the same green tool kit from Walmart? Oh because I can never find the one I bought before. When I am on my meds I am able to function better, like adults who are not neurodivergent. Also I am kinder to my children because I get way less overstimulated and that alone is worth it for me. 

I do want to mention that it is not my opinion that everyone should be medicated. I understand the struggle that others may have with meds but for me it is a life send and so I chose to match this shade to my afternoon dose of meds.

Medicated (pictured and linked below) It is a neon pastel blue with tiny blue micro flakes.

5. You have executive dysfunction (let me explain)

Executive dysfunction disrupts a person's ability to manage their own thoughts, feelings and actions. This is something that I and many others struggle with every day. It can be really daunting to have this running tally of tasks and not being able to just start doing them. It's kind of like being hungry or needing to pee but your brain is just constantly like "let me do this first." But that turns into another thing, and another thing till you're either sprinting to the bathroom or cold from hunger. 

And sometimes you just zone out on all those tasks and make something pretty because it makes you happy and turns off your brain for just a minute. 

Executive Dysfunction (pictured and linked below) is neon pink pastel with an insane shimmer.


6. You see the world a little different and are often asked "where did you come from?". 

I never know when people ask me that if it is a compliment or an insult but I know I am a little different and at this point I own it. What's great is there is now a word for us neurodivergent types that celebrates our uniqueness. Neurospicy celebrates a different way of seeing and experiencing the world while also helping us to feel like we aren't alone or broken. We are part of this huge community of people who are all having similar experiences and just doing their best. 

Neurospicy (pictured and linked below) 


Whether you are or are not ADHD, just know that you are perfect the way you are and there is a community of Babbs here to support all of our differences. And once again, we are not doctors and cannot actually diagnose your ADHD but if you relate to any of this, ask your doctor to check you out. 

The ADHD collection is a hand-mixed LOUD Limited collection and once they are gone, they are gone so don't be late to the party. Grab the full collection (pictured and linked below) unless it is already gone. Love your faces!

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