Playful Nail Art Ideas

Playful Nail Art Ideas

Who else is feeling alive as of late? You are not alone Babbs!¬† The nail trends we are seeing are saying just the same ūü§™ The word that comes to mind with all of these manis is "playful" and we. are. loving it!

And bonus, so many of these looks are pretty achievable, even for those with "not the most skill" AKA meeee. Check out some of our favorite trends below and let us know if you think you could nail any of these. And if not, just pop on one of our nail-art-in-a-bottle toppers and call yourself picasso!

Peek-a-boo florals

We all remember our first flower design on our toes as young Babbs getting pedicures, right? The flower design has come a long way butr we are still using that same technique with the q-tip for this peek-a-boo floral look. This clever design creates space for an entire garden on your fingertips! It's like wearing a bouquet that never wilts. Achieve this look with our Groovy Garden curated bundle only 4 for $40 or if you need only a few singles to complete the look you can use Hot Sundae for a bright jelly purple, There She Go for a fun pop of orange, Beam for a bright neon green and Cerulean Blue for approval from every editor. Just kidding, we don't need approval!


Organized chaos

Mixing and matching colors feels so wrong and yet so right at the same time. A unified design can help organize the mix of different shades. It's playful meets chic and although the design is colorful, the overall look screams "i totally planned this because I have my shit together". We recommend trying this look with our whole Femme Fatale collection to feel all the high vibes energy. Add some playful jewelry to really take it up a notch. From left to right: That's All, Cerulean, Not Your Baby, Florals? For Spring?


This look is so easy to achieve because it is meant to looks a little messy. Bright jellies dropped on top of each other in water color fashion is so fun and fresh. We have lots of jellies to choose from but to achieve this particular look you can either pick up the curated bundle or snag from left to right Hot Sundae, Coachella, Banana Man and +++


Wavy line art with french tips

The amazing thing about a long brush is that you can control it pretty well. Give your design a wavy/tipsy line and let the imperfections be the design. Add a clean french tip to make it look chic and boom, you are trending with this easy, playful nail art. Grab our curated bundle for the full look or grab Brat for a fun and bright pink, Spam for the perfect yellow, Talk to Me to stand out with its gorgeous teal holo and Disco Stick to be chic with its oil slick. 


Abstract accent

A simple abstract design on one finger can look like art with the help of our toppers #NailArtInAbottle. Plus I am always a fan of different but coordinating designs on each finger. It makes me feel unique but put together. Grab the curated bundle or pick up the singles. From left to right Wrenegade, Napa, That's All and PSN


The female gaze

Grab this curated bundle and go ham with a different design on every nail. Dressing for the female gaze is much like this nail design. Wearing what makes you happy and owning it is totally on trend! I am loving this color palette right now and can't wait to wear it outside somewhere listening to live music. From left to right: Leia, Supernova, Candy Flip, Ya Filthy Animal


Succulent mish-mash

Who doesn't love succulents? Like honestly, they make every Babbs I know just smile, including me! This fun look was fairly easy because the shapes are pretty straight but not perfectly straight. I found it super doable with one long brush for more control. This color palette also feels perfect for in-between Spring and Summer because it has neutrals and brights working perfectly to balance the look. Grab the curated bundle or from left to right: Petunia (its holo but there was no sun when I took these), Andromeda, OMG Expose You and Coachella


Bubbles and more bubbles

Ever since I was in grade school I was called "bubbly Melody". Bubbles have always held a special place in my heart because of my nickname but also because they are the epitome of playful and fun.  Much like this nail design, which I am not gonna lie, was not the easiest to achieve at my skill level. My son said they looked like jawbreakers candy and he was not wrong. I myself am fine with #loudnotperfect and when something makes ME happy, I don't care too much what others think. Don't worry Babbs, once you hit 40, you will feel the same. Its pretty awesome! To attempt bubbles (likely better than me) grab this Bubbly Babbs curated bundle or grab the singles. From left to right: Candy Flip, Basic, Cerulean, Florals? For Spring?

Aces of Bases

Most of these designs featured the use of negative space. Pick up this curated bundle to have all the shades needed for any look. 

Grab any of the singles shades in our forecast for 20% off with code: TrendReport valid through 5/10 at 11:59pm CST 

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